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12 Story Records is pleased to represent Alternative Pop Rock band, Radio Drive featuring Kevin Gullickson.

Available Now - "One Breath Away" - New EP from Radio Drive featuring 4 new songs, produced by 12 Story Records and mixed and mastered by Steve "Mr Mig" Migliore (credits include Justin Timberlake, Madonna and more).

Already, in the first few months of release, songs are topping the indie charts and winning awards and nominations, including the World Songwriting Association (WSA) awarding "Don't You Know" Top Finalist Best Rock Song 2022 Spring.

Before The Day is Through

Produced by 12 Story Records and mixed and mastered by Grammy and Academy Award winning sound Engineer, Brendan Dekora (credits include Foo Fighters, Billy Idol and Nine Inch Nails).

  • Awarded the LIT International Awards Gold Award for Best Alternative Rock Album

  • Podcast and Music Blog, 366 Dias de Musica awarded “Before The Day is Through” Best Indie Album of 2021

This is Our Time (2022 Remix)

Special 10th Anniversary Release of "This is Our Time (2022 Remix)". Originally released in 2012, this album contains award winning songs "Never" and "New Direction". Specially remixed and remastered.

Read what critics had to say when the album was released in 2021:

  • “This Is Our Time is one of the best albums we have reviewed this year” NeuFutur Magazine, April 2012

  • “This Is Our Time is another masterpiece for the amazing Kevin Gullickson. Radio Drive is truly going places.....This is an artist you will want to watch”. Muzik Reviews, March 2012

  • "Music fans have to find out about this wonderful CD." Foley Entertainment, June 2012

I Can See The World From Here (2022 Remix)

Originally released in 2011, 12 Story Records is pleased to remix and remaster this album by Radio Drive. Containing the award winning songs, "Footsteps" and "Run". Available now on all streaming platforms and most online stores.

Life Today (2022 Remix)

Originally released in 2010, 12 Story Records is pleased to release the remixed and remastered version of this album by Radio Drive. This album is considered to be the turning point in launching Radio Drive onto the indie music scene with songs such as, "Life Today", "Let's Get Started" and "Who You Are".

Available October 15, 2022.

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